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Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. 

-Vera Nazarian


I'm just trying to light up the world as much as I can one SciFi/paranormal/fantasy/space opera/time travel book at a time. 


loads of potential floating along on a slow rolling current of Meh

The Girl from Everywhere - Heidi Heilig

"It might be possible for two versions of the same person to coexist: one who knew the thrill of adventure, and another who knew only the comfort of home."

"What was it like, on the other side? Watching the ships come and go, instead of watching the ports appear and recede?"

Sounds promising right? WELLLLL I hate to be the one to burst some expectation bubbles BUT... even with Time Traveling pirates, magical items and animals, and a unique perspective on Time Travel, this book was slow plodding, populated with extremely flat characters (except for Kashmir) and had one of the hardest to imagine, most awkwardly forced together love triangles I have read in decades. PHEW...run on sentence tirade complete. Yes the Traveling mechanics were unique but there's no cure for "I care nothing for the MC or her plights" disease. Kash was the gleaming jewel in this mishmash story which elicited both excitement for new Time Travel possibilities and boredom accredited to "Who-Cares-Just-Get-It-Over-With-Before-I-Start-Demanding-My-Time-Back)itis. The MC has a dad who is far from perfect but whom loves her above all else (even more than his obsessive dreams of a happily ever after reunion with Nix's mom). I saw love in his brief/ chilly encounters almost from the first interaction...almost. Where I saw pained fatherly endearment Nix only saw underapricated, neglectful indifference. Maybe it takes a parent to pick up on such subtleties BUT for me, it was annoying how she kept interpreting almost every word, action or glance of her dads' as being hurtful and callous. The MC has a love interest in Kashmir. Kash is young, dashing, talented, funny, loyal, roguish with a slew of unnamed enticing attributes all on top of a heaping pile of jewels he gifts Nix with whenever the chance presents itself. He is the logical love interest but she sidesteps the messy issue repeatedly and even starts to fall for an islander whose only companionable features are his looks and his curiosity/budding obsession with Nix. I know some of you really LOVED this book and I'm sorry that I may be pooping on your Time Travel parade but even though I could see glints of possibility, I ultimately was left adrift on a sea of disappointment. Too dramatic?!? OK, I might concede to that but I cannot budge on my rating...at least for now

great storyline littered with an overabundance of sexytime

Breath of Fire - Amanda Bouchet

~~~~~ Btwn 3.5 - 4.0 Stars~~~~

This book has me conflicted, torn in two and nervous. Please don't flog me for what I am about to say. On the one hand the main storyline (minus the gratuitous sexy scenes) is awesome! It is unique and engaging and engrossing (and a bunch of en- words to boot) all on top of being very well written. On the other hand, in my humble prudish opinion, the sexy time scenes seem forced and overused. The plot most certainly did not need such naughty parts at every twist and turn of the MCs journey. I get that the (completely predictable) ending somewhat explains the need but come on, there is NO way a person gets broken, torn apart and barely healed and the FIRST thing she/he does is insist on having sex. Not the gentle love making of panicked lovers who have overcome a great herculean feat only to be unexpectedly reunited... NO the kind that makes a reader blush feverishly while trying to finish the book out in the real world. I am sorry if that is totally your thing and I am yucking your yumm. I truly enjoyed the storyline BUT I would have loved it more sans (again this is probably "it's a me thing not a you thing") sex upon sex have I mentioned we should have sex, ok but only after we have some more sex again moments. There were some well placed blush worthy sexy bits that I KNOW will stick in my head for a long time to come...BUT...overall the steamy bits were done to death with no hope of a magic salamander. Ok...enough puritan preaching!! There are a bevy of swoon worthy characters, the action is crazy, there are no insta-solutions to any of the problems faced and the writing is addicting. Did I mention the awesome kick @$$ heroic female characters?? No?!? Well Cat is no longer alone in that category. No spoilers here so I'll just say thay all in all Breath of Fire is a pretty entertaining read!
Main Plot: 5 Stars
Characters: 5 Stars
Action: 5 Stars
the rest ~ 2.5 - 3.0 Stars

“Three Black Witches are born in a glen,
Sweet little triplets Will never be friends.

Three Black Witches, all fair to be seen.
Two to devour, And one to be queen."

Three Dark Crowns - Kendare Blake

I have been looking forward to this book SO very much. I was terrified that it would severely disappoint but after reading some rave reviews from GR friends I trust, I couldn't wait any longer. I am relieved that I gave it a shot because not only did this book not let me down, it succeeded in ways I couldn't have predicted. Some people have complained about the pacing at places and of some info dumping at the beginning but for me, I did not find those to be true.

I have unfortunately (and annoyingly) been chapter checking lately, wishing the ending would arrive quicker. This was the case even when I was completely invested BUT this experience was completely the opposite. I absolutely devoured this in one sitting and time flew by so quickly I was confused when the acknowledgements popped up. There are some major twists and the final one threw me a bit but BEWARE: the ending is a cliffhanger (which I ferociously loathe). My main gripes are that the book isn't long enough and that cliffhanger at the end left me frustratingly anxious for book #2. The writing was seamless/effortless. The characters were rich, intricately complex, gloriously Human, understandably damaged and endearingly realistic.


Which sister was my favorite? The queens, and most of the characters, were beautifully/tragically flawed. All three had very interesting back stories, strengths, weaknesses, relationship (of all kinds) woes, and compelling aspects so picking a definitive side was difficult. If I had to pick one to get behind and root for it would most likely be Mirabella. Mirabella is an Elemental and is believed to be the strongest of the three sisters yet she is the most reluctant to kill her siblings. She is beautiful, which is not a reason in and of itself to pick her but that coupled with her tragic love situation (both romantic and filial), I couldn't help but feel for her.


This was such a delight, I can not recommended it highly enough for fantasy lovers and lovers of Royal intrigue. The romances were tastefully done and not rammed down the reader's throat...so if that's not your thing don't worry, it's not a raging love fest of yuck.


The Lost Codex - Heather Lyons

“Vomit is not the loveliest of perfumes.” Mary pats Bunting’s leg before standing up. “Oh, but there you’re wrong. To me, it smells like Traitorous Bitch Who Got What Was Coming to Her by Spilling Her Guts—and that, ladies, is a glorious smell.”



It's hard to believe that this is the end of the Collector's Society and all of the world's they protect. It is a bitter sweet end with lots of questions finally answered and a pretty inventive ending. I LOVED finally finding out who the Librarian is and what she is capable of. The romances are epic.



"No one will come for us, not any time soon, at least. And even if they did, would there be anything left to save? No healing spray can tend these injuries. “I love you,” Finn says. “I will always love you. I’m here with you, Alice. I’m with you until the end, and then beyond.”



But don't underestimate the power of Love (que nauseating awwwws and cheesy harps and such) or the cleverness of our MCs (especially Alice and the Librarian). The bad guys are terrible and numerous. The odds seem appallingly bleak. The hits are constant and seemingly insurmountable. The dialogue is witty and natural and I am going to miss this series something fierce. I hate goodbyes especially when it's to an incredible series with amazing characters, witty banter and clever world(s) development. I LOVE this book, this author, this series and want to scream it all from some rooftops...or cry....FRABJOUS, I'm a mess! If you are a fan of Literature and the classic characters that reside therein then I suggest you check out this series, you won't be disappointed!!

Neil Gaiman, the man the myth the legend does it again...was there any doubt?

The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel - Neil Gaiman

I enjoyed this gem via audiobook using Hoopla, which is annoying and glitchy but that's neither here nor there, and I am astounded anew each time I venture into the extremely rich, creative mind of Mr. Neil Gaiman. He narrates his own books and really who knows better the tone implied or the necessary pivotal points to be highlighted than the Creator himself? I know that is not for everyone. Not all writers are orators to boot but Neil Gaiman has a melodic British accent that is both hypnotic and unassuming (which makes the creepy or scary bits all the more terrifying) AND he is great at varying the character voices so each character feels viable, alive. The depth of this man's imagination knows no bounds and I am always amazed at how well crafted his insanely unique worlds can be. My favorite is still Neverwhere but I LOVED this book...that is until the end which seemed a bit unsatisfying and too much like a copout. Harsh sounding? YES! But only because his work commands, attains and exceeds such high expectations. His tale's impressively woven tapestry is so beautiful that I did not protest too much even after being slightly disappointed. I was thankful to have the chance to experience this wild ride alongside each and every loveable/loatheable creepy crawly, uniquely exotic, and believably Real being within. The MC and his journey encapsulate every fiber of being young and powerless and the beauty and subsequent loss of Youth's innocence (or did he?). I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a dollop of Fancy, a large helping of Whimsy and an abundance of literary excellence.

cute pile of Meh

All the Birds in the Sky - Charlie Jane Anders

This was a cute, campy book that was interesting but nothing special. Sorry for the brief review but there wasn't much more to say.


Aerie - Maria Dahvana Headley

"I’ve missed two class periods by sitting in my car gnawing on the universe."

I know how that feels. You could say that I missed anything and everything while gnawing on this bland book and I am far from sated.

Aerie is not only bland but disappointing to say the least. I read Magonia only days before Aerie so it was fresh in my head and entirely too anticipated. I REALLY liked Magonia! I know that isn't a common opinion but I really did. This book is a watered down version of Magonia wherein: 1) the main characters are less rich in complexity 2) the banter and interplay between characters are not as authentic or tangible and 3) the whole fantastical imagery not only falls short of WOW but hovers squarely at SOOOOO, I CARE WHY?!? for the entirety of the book. There were new extraordinary creatures introduced, barely utilized and then essentially forgotten. Things simply worked out for the best where need be without effort. A few examples are like when Aza escapes a prison ship with no idea which way to go and no real means to get there & randomly picks a direction only to fall directly into the very (invisible) ship she had been seeking to begin with. OR how the humans can find a way to hook up with the Resistance when they need to, no problem, almost like hailing a cab. OR how they can withstand the lack of oxygen up high by ingesting a miracle pill Eli just happens to carry around with her in bulk...etc...etc...etc

"You don’t know how much you can lie until you find yourself in the middle of it, lying again to cover the lie you already gave out as truth. You don’t know how much you can mess your own life up until you’re looking out from the inside, and thinking you’re not the person you set out to be."

No lies here with this review and I definitely didn't get the journey/experience I set out to get when I wasted the Time, Money and Hope I had with regards to this dud.

me since last night
me since last night
Dark Matter... I choose you.. let's hope you're up to snuff
Dark Matter... I choose you.. let's hope you're up to snuff
on the hunt for the next one
on the hunt for the next one

mind bogglingly unique, fantastical read

Magonia - Maria Dahvana Headley

"I’m dark matter. The universe inside me is full of something, and science can’t even shine a light on it. I feel like I’m mostly made of mysteries."

It was slightly past 12 AM, on day I Lost Track Of My Book Ping-ponging Slump. I had been having a rough night and I was throwing a Hail Mary, just looking for something... anything, to hold my attention long enough to get past the first few chapters. I found a sample of this book just lurking around my ereader for a while and have been sidestepping it mainly because of my GR friend's reviews. A LOT of people said it was merely ok, they didn't get it or were flat out disappointed. It might have been my need to shake things up a bit or a plea for a little ethereality in my life but I have to say that I...100%...disagree!! I really REALLY liked it!!

"I saw a circular diagram of the sky, and the stars looked like breeding fruit flies in a petri dish, and I was So Obsessed), the patterns of the stars form letters. Celestial alphabets. Writing that gets rewritten as the earth moves. If you look at the sky that way, it’s this massive shifting poem, or maybe a letter, first written by one author, and then, when the earth moves, annotated by another. So I stare and stare until, one day, I can read it."


Somewhere around 4:30 AM I decided that functioning properly during daylight hours is completely overrated and put the kettle on (in my head) and soldiered (euphorically) on. Was that logical? Debatable... Entertaining? Undeniably!! Yes, the beginning drags a bit (especially waiting for a young girl to kick it?!?). Yes, the ethereal part is SUPER out there, INCREDIBLY unique and at times a little disturbing to visualize...BUT, I bet you will not find a predecessor quite like this one floating around out there (hehehe). There are some standard issued tropes, though spun here completely anew. There are firsts abound with new creatures, city types, abilities and lore. The writing is not only fresh but elegant. Some twists were easily foretold while others blindside you so watch out. The world building could be confusing at times but is also rich and an in-depth making a solid foundation for subsequent books. It was extremely entertaining to witness the literary yarn unspool revealing a stunningly enchanted, interwoven tapestry. There are definitely moments of WHOA...WHAT THE??? DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?? Holy Havarti it did and is was oh so Gouda..I'm craving some apple slices and cheese, can you tell by the cheesy humor?? Okay, moving on now...if you're in the market for something you've NEVER encountered, something so out there it's hard to picture even after reading it with your own eyes. If you want to read about Love, of every type, so strong it defies anything and ALL obstacles. If you just want a fantastical journey lasting hours...READ THIS BOOK!!



“I can see you worrying. We’ll get through this. I’m a master fighter. If it turns out Big Bird’s hanging out in your bedroom, I’ll slay that bird.” This is actually weirdly comforting for someone who’s pretty sure that she’s about to die. Having a dad who’s willing to declare war against an institution as deeply rooted as Big Bird is not nothing."


more like "Warning: if you're not talking about books or food, there will be obviously distracted head nodding while daydreaming of books or food"
more like "Warning: if you're not talking about books or food, there will be obviously distracted head nodding while daydreaming of books or food"
listening to Blood Mirror using OverDrive.... FINALLY!!!
listening to Blood Mirror using OverDrive.... FINALLY!!!

great down to earth writing but no feels

Saint Anything - Sarah Dessen

Let me preface this by saying that this isn't necessarily my genre of choice I thought I'd try something new(ish) so I might be off a bit with the review and subsequently my rating. That being said, Saint Anything was my first introduction to Sarah Dessen. Man she knows how to create a character that you can easily picture in your head. YES this feels like a light romp, not an aggressive spelunking trip through the fathomless pit of my Feels. YES the character's didn't elicit the deep emotions that I was SURE Sarah had intended. YES a story about a beautiful rich girl who has loving (albeit biased) parents and an awesome network of friends plus a SUPER hot boyfriend didn't evoke any sort of pity on my end, instead it elicited a heaping load of belligerent eye rolling. BUT the writing is simple yet compelling. It is tangible, completely relatable, and the characters all had such distinct voices that I couldn't just disregard them while speaking of how little I felt for the storyline. The parts I most liked were: watching the fluidity and vacillation of the family dynamics as well as witnessing the fleshing out of the characters and their idiosyncrasies. These quirks made them feel unique and alive. There was no crazy drama though. There was no spark between her and her boyfriend or gut wrenching depression over Mrs. Chatham's ailment. There were some dark elements but by dark I mean nightlight on, door open, sun beginning to peak into the windows sort of dark. I get that her brother's actions resulted in a tragic mess and that Ames was the dirtiest part of the book BUT I felt like I was just witnessing a story, not eviscerating alongside some of my newfound best friends. Maybe I expected too much but after seeing the average ratings of 31,477 people being 4.05 I was SUPER excited and ultimately, MAJORLY let down. I will repeat though that the dialogue and depth of EVERY character was written so well and so naturally that I can see how Sarah Dessen is held to such a high esteem. Although...good character writing alone can not make an exalted book imho. If you like your YA, Coming of Age, completely character driven, bag of teenage woes to be mild and unassuming look no further, you have found the one. Will I check out another of Mrs. Dessen's books?? I might but there's no immediate need to run out (or order it online while sitting comfortably in my favorite recliner) and buy them.

finished.... FINALLY!!
finished.... FINALLY!!
By Claire North The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August [Paperback] - Claire North

EXTREMELY unique premise that is well written (though scattered at times) and has interesting concept/characters. Overall, this is a mostly enjoyable read but it took a reeeaaalllyyy long time to end and when it did I just stared at the ereader for a long while. It didn't bog down at any one place, it was just a steady March to Please Dear Lord Make It End. I won't say that I wish for my time back BUT when I find myself skipping ahead repeatedly to see when it will all be over....that's usually a bad sign. Harry August was a likeable character and the concept/execution of the book were done so well it made the sloshing worthwhile.