Just One More Chapter

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. 

-Vera Nazarian


I'm just trying to light up the world as much as I can one SciFi/paranormal/fantasy/space opera/time travel book at a time. 


A satisfying end to a really entertaining series!

Black Heart - Holly Black


"I wonder-- what if everyone is pretty much the same and it's just a thousand small choices that add up to the person you are? No good or evil, no black or white, no inner demons or angels whispering the right answers in our ears like it's some cosmic SAT test. Just us, hour by hour, minute by minute, day by day, making the best choices we can".



This book was definitely an improvement over book #2, Red Glove, yet still not quite as good as White Cat. This series had awesome character development and excellent world building though it also had lots of side drama like who does/does not love whom and who is trying (or not trying) to con whom. Even with these plot distractions and misdirections, the main story was intriguing enough to hold my attention from beginning to end and had me slowing my reading pace to try and live amongst this world a little while longer. This series was fresh, unique, well paced and very well written. My rating might be more of a reflection of the trilogy as a whole rather than book #3's merit alone. All in all I think this series is definitely worth the time! The MC is a unique voice (something rare these days) and the world/characters are so rich you'll want to go slowly and savor every last drop.