Just One More Chapter

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. 

-Vera Nazarian


I'm just trying to light up the world as much as I can one SciFi/paranormal/fantasy/space opera/time travel book at a time. 


a GREAT (saccharine free) ending to an extremely entertaining, uniquely premised, all around awesome series! It contains one of the best kick ass now, ask no questions later type of heroines I've read to date

Crossed (Soul Eater) (Volume 3) by Eliza Crewe (2015-08-13) - Eliza Crewe

"The Hunger seethes under my skin, and my chest swells with joy—no, more than joy. It’s a fierce, violent desire that obliterates the other, weaker, emotions. My world focuses to a needle-sharp point: her. Ending her."

Okay, truth be told it took me nearly half a year to get around to this book and I finished it almost 5 days ago and still no review. Usually I try to review a book as soon as I clap that cover shut...or hit the power button on my e-reader (whichever applies) but here I am struggling. So what's the delay you might ask? I couldn't figure out how I felt about this one. So after a whole lot of serious face thinking and a half a box of ice cream sandwiches I came up with this:

As a whole this series is a snarky, well written, uniquely depicted version of Good (depending on the character and circumstance) vs Evil (ditto) YA Urban Paranormal (ever so slight) Romance (there are itty bitty bits of Romance but it's there nonetheless). There are lots of quote worthy material. The characters are so yummy, predicable but yummy, that they are 98% of what makes the book/series worthwhile. The other 2% being their time in Hell and Armand and Jo...did I mention Armand?? {{{semi-swoon}}}...BUT...I did find myself counting pages in the middle. This usually is the kiss of death or maybe a sign that a whole slew of books I have been waiting for patiently (mostly) had just come out and I was itching to drop everything and lock myself in the bedroom with a new one and some Jasmine Dragon Fruit tea and get lost... But I digress..the short of it is that there was a serious lag in the middle that almost caused me to skim. SKIM I say!! It would have been a shame because when it picked up it got good, really good. Anyway, I won't regurgitate the synopsis, but I will tell you a little about the good stuff... the characters and their development.

First there's Jo. She has really grown as a character in this last installment. She finally is complex, fun, snarky, a bit silky shady and I don't want to B!tch slap her...finally! So that's good. I really like her more slippery and dual natured and less conflicted, stuck up and tight assed.

"Our monsters’ souls have whispered secrets to each other all along, and now, for the first time, they can shout; the thin veneer of “good” and “should” has been thoroughly shattered by her descent to the dark side."

She is even giving Meda a run for her deliciously dark(ish) antics.

"She’s insane. I’ve always known it, and I can’t defeat it. My argument fits strict parameters; it’s constrained by logic and reason. Her insanity is boundless."

That's Meda speaking. Meda F'ing Melange being the voice of reason?? Scary right?

Secondly there is Armand. Sweet(ish), beautiful (at times), doting (always lately) while being deviously self serving, minor love interest. You heard right, I said minor..booooo hisssss. Imo there wasn't enough Armand loving (or Chi loving for that matter) but then again Meda isn't known for her capacity for forgiveness...or is she??

Meda is another character that grew in maturity and complexity. Whether she did so out of circumstance or an inevitable natural progression I can't tell but grow she did and it worked really well within the storyline.

Chi didn't change much. He's still the poster boy for of all that is Good and Right and Just in the world. He's loyal and completely, blindly, faithful to his causes and beliefs. He's too moral and good and trusting and thus absolutely impossible for me to relate with. Chi's character is such an impetus for Good he is an obvious necessity in this world where Hell is taking over and both the "good guys" and "bad guys" are playing double/triple agents.

"The world is coming down around our ears and we find humor in the fact that I once (okay, three times) tried to kill one of my best friends. That and the sudden existence of a tiny, glimmering slip of hope. The kind of hope that can save the world."

Yes they are Humanity's last hope. Yes there are TONS of obstacles that must be traversed. There are both inner and regular old outer demons to overcome/slay but in the end they are also the most conflicted, human(ish)ly flawed, best chances the world's got. In the end Meda dishes out some insightful advice, one of them being:

“Jo, you can’t spend your life apologizing for the terrible things you almost did. If I did that, I’d never have time to do anything else.”

So true Meda, so true! I will take that nugget of advice and apply it to my life liberally.

Overall this was a GREAT (saccharine free) ending to an extremely entertaining, uniquely premised, all around awesome series! It contains one of the best kick ass now, no questions later type of heroines I've read to date. The series is definitely worth the time, especially if you can get through the slogging middle bit in this third book.