Just One More Chapter

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. 

-Vera Nazarian


I'm just trying to light up the world as much as I can one SciFi/paranormal/fantasy/space opera/time travel book at a time. 


Sorcery of Thorns

Sorcery of Thorns - Margaret Rogerson

Holy heck, what an amazing, gripping, well executed, twisty, time suck of a book!! This one grabbed ahold of me on page one and... bleary eyed and malnourished due to an extreme inability to just say no to One More Chapter...didn't let me go until I finished the (surprisingly satisfying) epilogue.

The writing was perfectly paced and it was woven into a rich, detailed tapestry. The world development was layered and finely textured. The characters were engaging, multifaceted and... dare I say? Yes, I dare... it was tactile, electric and Alive. That might sound a bit trite but I really did enjoy every aspect. It passed the litmus test of awesomeness.


The literary trifecta being:


(great) Writing + (unbelievable) World Building + (3 dimensional) Character Development = not only the apex writing accomplishment but also a surefire insta-placement into the coveted reader's Favorite Folder and more importantly the reader's heart. I can definitely see how Sorcery of Thorns could tick off each and every box for a reader...nay, many many readers.

The writing was satisfying and engrossing without being verbose or grandiose. The parts depicting peril were detailed to the point of dragging us right into the thick of it, making us feel, explore and endure along with the MCs.

Speaking of the MCs, the main female character, Elizabeth, was a sword wielding, quick on the uptake, ready to take up arms at the mere whisper of trouble, ball of formidable, female greatness! Her dynamic with Nathaniel was raw and honest. In the early stages their bond felt a bit forced, progressing a little too quickly. BUT, though their percolating relationship might have been a touch unrealistic in the early stages, later on I was swept up just as much as our 2 unlikely beaus. I found myself wholeheartedly rooting for their successful longevity.


Onto other MC news... I happened to fall hard for one of the chatacters. He was more of a secondary character but he slipped into a primary spot in my heart....awww... que cheesy music,..confetti shower....extreme eye rolliing (even from myself)... and such. I was torn and very emotionally invested in his arc. I still feel his situation deeply even after many days of ruminating... marinating in my conflicting emotions... stewing in my amorous feelings...ahhhhhh Silas, I'm here for you.

Overall: this book has it all and isn't shy about abducting you body and soul and unabashedly hijacking your time! This one is undercover sneaky, it "innocently" pulls you into its gravitational pull and then WHAM you can't break free of the One More Chapter orbital forces at coercing you to forgo necessities like sleeping, eating and basically everything else until you finish.

Is this a life altering masterpiece that will expand your mind and world views? No!

Is this on my top 10 list of cherished reads? Sadly, again, no... that list is SUPER hard to breach!




It is a really solid read that I highly reccomend, especially if you're into Fantasy coupled with Magical Realism and kick ass female representation. Seriously, Elizabeth is fierce, strong willed, competent and unlike in many other books, she's utterly unapologetic about her moral, ethical and personal views and strengths.


~ Enjoy