Just One More Chapter

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light. 

-Vera Nazarian


I'm just trying to light up the world as much as I can one SciFi/paranormal/fantasy/space opera/time travel book at a time. 


The Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco

Kingdom of the Wicked felt like a little guilty pleasure. It had it all:
- Sassy, stubborn female MC with a well of untapped power? CHECK!
- a slow burn that might end up fizzling before it had time to mature... possibly sent reeling right back into the realm of Hate? CHECK!
- Loads of yummy food talk? Check!
- Begrudging respect --> profound deceit (that was easy to suss out early on)? Check!
- World developement that sucks you in and manages to have you believing in supernatural places/beings/objects? Check!!
- Realistic characters (for better or worse)? Check!
- Character(s) so complex, and yummily gray that you can't help but fall for them... AHEM, Wrath!CHECK!!
- Succinct, solid writing? Check!
- Great pacing with little to no slogging? Check!
- A cliffhanger ending that leaves you lusting, fiending, craving for more? DOUBLE CHECK!!

For some reason I feel the Twin bond so deeply you'd think I had one of my own but alas, no second half here (unless you count my handsome, yet surly, crank of a husband). It feels so inviolable that thinking of it being (traumatically) severed, and one twin having to navigate life without their other half, seems like utter desolation. Our MC, Eliana turned out to be a rash beast in lambs' clothing... an easily provoked, overconfident, rage feuled monster looking for Revenge... at any cost... the payment due would most likely be the ultimate price, the one that can only be paid in full with the relinquishing of your very own Soul. Sounds dramatic right?? It is, and it's worth every minute spent living in this world beside these odious, deliciously duplicitous, insidious, perfidious (and loads more -ious adjectives) characters.


I really enjoyed this book! There is a tame, non Sexy-Time scene that is steamy for about 3 seconds but otherwise the book is suitable for teens through geriatrics. The rest of the story has good old Witches, Sapeshifters, Demons, Vampires, Holy men et al...

AND that ending... wow!! I need book #2 in my life STAT!!

If you like Fantastical Magical Realism infused with a variety of preternaturally occult elements culminating in a well thought out Cliffy then this book is for you!


~ Enjoy


*** I was given a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ***